Saturday Sanding

Now that the kitchen floor is done, I had somewhere to put the sofa.

So back to scrubbing and sanding the lounge floor. Back breaking work, but I’ve got rid of all the bitumen and got it to a decent standard, all done to 60 grit.

some proper progress

I’ll have it fully sanded tomorrow and if I have any body mobility after that and then Sun eve band practice, I’ll put on the first coat of varnish/stain.

Still not decided if I’ll have to stick cat’s in the cat carrier. Cats & fresh varnish don’t go together well..


Almost a house…

My worktops arrived Friday.

Over the weekend my dad cut them to fit, the hob is in it just needs connecting. Unfortunately at about 7pm Sunday night we found out that the tap thread connector is too short for the 40mm worktop… gutted!

kitchen solid beech worktop fitted

cooker hood, hob and microwave in place

The worktops do look great though.

Plumber no. 2 and my lodger better be careful! They are the two most expensive things in the house.

Dad fitted the cooker hood too, which again caused a bit of a headache as the ducting wasn’t long enough and it took a while to source another bit of ducting that wasn’t several meters in length (we only need 350mm). Plus where I bought the original 125mm ducting from only did a 100mm vent. Screwfix saved the day.

I bought a mitre saw for the coving and architrave, but didn’t have a 14mm spanner so couldn’t assemble it. I bought the spanner today, so I can set it up tonight and have a play. Once I’ve gotten to grips with it, it will make cutting the coving and architrave a lot quicker.

I bought a tile cutter too. I’m ready to start tiling the kitchen floor. I just need to set aside a LOT of time. The setting out will need to done carefully, due to the room stepping in part way up. As the room is long and narrow I’ll be doing a brick pattern to trick the eye.

The floorboards are giving me grief. Victorian houses had a carpet/rug in the middle of the floor, with a black/brown edging painted in bitumen/tar. This gunge clogs up the sanding belts in no time, and melts with the heat so then smears over other floorboards.

Time to try some chemicals, rags and a scraper… I’ll experiment with white spirit tonight, if that doesn’t work I’ll try turpentine and then some sort of stripper. Petrol is another suggestion but I don’t really like the thought of that.