What a Transformation in the Hall

The hall didn’t take long to sand. 4 hours this afternoon. It had no evil bitumen to scrub and scrape away.

After putting on the first coat of varnish all I could say was “WOW“. What a transformation.

hall floor sanded & 1 coat of varnish

This gave an even bigger immediate “wow” than the lounge floor. Maybe because one day the underlay was down, the next day it was sanded and varnished, whereas the lounge floor was a very gradual transformation.

It could have also been because the hall and lounge floors now flow as one.

hall before

I wasn’t expecting to finish the sanding of the hall until tomorrow. But by the end of tomorrow the hall and lounge will both have had their 3 coats of varnish and be complete.


Week 2 Update – Busy, Busy

It’s been a busy week.

  • Filming in Leatherhead Tues (6.5 hours of driving, yay… mileage money nearly paid for my ladder though).
  • Wed afternoon off work, spending 4 hours sanding lounge ceiling further and a couple hours steaming and scraping tile glue from the hall.
  • Band practice Thursday (no rest for my arms – I’m the drummer!)
  • Friday, put testers of paint onto wall (more info in colours post). Then a night out with friends… bed 4.30am, up again 8.30am. At Homebase 10am.
  • I’ve had three trips to Homebase and two trips to B&Q this weekend!

Saturday morning I washed off the dust from the sanding off the lounge ceiling. Ceiling doesn’t need proper washing, a damp cloth did the trick – still took over an hour.

Doesn’t look that great, but very smooth to touch

Sunday I also sanded the hall ceiling and later washed away the dust. There’s still some blobs of glue down the left hand side on the old plaster that wouldn’t budge. These need steaming and scraping again, my arms couldn’t take any more tonight!

Hall – nearly ready to wash

Sanding the bleeding ceiling…

Ok, so you know how I said I had to get the tile glue off the ceiling. This is not a fun job! It takes ages and you’re working against gravity so it REALLY hurts!

I bought a sander, I’ve spent around 6 hours working half upside down this weekend and my wrists and neck is complaining. Couldn’t finish the lounge ceiling off today, hands couldn’t hack it. Gave them a rest and went to scraping the hallway instead.

Keep Smiling…

After struggling on one patch of ceiling for around 2 hours yesterday, I seriously thought about paying to get the whole ceiling re-skimmed. After a bit of pondering and laying on the floor staring upwards, I realised the ceiling had a different finish over 4/5s of it, so I had a go at this area, luckily the glue was coming off a lot easier. I got the knack to it – slice under the edge with the scraper and then peel the glue blob off by hand.

The sander’s not heavy until you’re working against gravity

I then sanded most of that patch of the ceiling, a slow painful job, but it looks so much better. I still need to tackle the nasty, horrible patch… that is going to be a complete pain!! But, on the plus side I’ve saved myself £100+ that the skimming would have cost (I need the sander for other jobs).

Nice hair! (I bought a face mask soon after this!!)

It’s a ceiling, so it doesn’t need to be perfect, but I need to go over some of it with the sander again. It feels pretty smooth though, so it’ll look a lot better when painted.

I’ll then be ready to ‘wash’ this room. Preparing this room for painting will take a while as there’s lots of rawl plugs, holes etc! (Bleeding Victorians lol).