A Trip Down Memory Lane

Just a little tarting up of the kitchen…

Load bearing wall knocked down, moved a wall back, rising damp rectified.
New roof, new plaster, new windows, new floor & tiles, new boiler and pipework

kitchen transformation

kitchen transformation

The lounge has been given lots of TLC…

Gas fire out & period fire in, restored original wooden floors, walls filled, ceiling tiles down.
New lease of life.

lounge transformation

lounge transformation


January Update

Last weekend was a busy one. Parents came up for 3 days to help me get the lounge, kitchen and shower room more or less finished.

A second layer of lining paper was put on the chimney, followed by the pretty paper. The fireplace has been concreted in, ran out of concrete, so need to finish up in front of the fire.

This weekend I put up the curtain pole. Just need to buy curtains now.

The coving needs to be finished, but I had a leak so this got set back. The leak that the plumbers couldn’t find after 2 hours of searching… well dad found it in 10 mins. Muppets.

lounge wallpaper done

lounge wallpaper done

I need to paint the bricks black behind the fire opening.

fireplace concreted in

fireplace concreted in

Dad connected up the radiator in the shower room and fitted and plumbed in the sink.
Sunday evening, I found out that as the pipes run under the floor there’s a warm tile to stand on. Bonus!

fully plumbed shower room

fully plumbed shower room

I boxed in the pipes in the kitchen, using lengths of timber and plasterboard. Far cheaper than alternatives and it looks good.

1. Cut timber to length.
2. Screw batons into wall.
3. Screw timber to batons.
4. Cut plasterboard to length, file & paint
5. Nail plasterboard to timbers
6. Tap nails in with nail punch
7. Fill nail holes & touch up paint

boxed in pipes

boxed in pipes

Dad fitted the light. It suits the room and creates more ambient light near the dining table.

close up of light

close up of light

kitchen looking from lounge

kitchen looking from lounge

kitchen looking from shower room

kitchen looking from shower room

Kitchen – blending tones

This weekend I painted the doors, door frames, architrave and window boards in the kitchen. I also put on the last cupboard doors, apart from the two that need cutting (a dad job).

door and window boards painted 'Coastline'

door and window boards painted ‘Coastline’

painted windowboard

freshly painted window board

The kitchen is looking good now. It all blends together nicely.

just the boxing in pipes and plinths left to do now :)

just the boxing in pipes and plinths left to do now 🙂

I just need to buy the cooker splashback and tile the window sill above the sink. And in Jan I will borrow my dad’s car to get the materials to box in the pipes and the plinths.

looks pretty

the different tones blend together nicely

I also stripped the paper from the ceiling in the front room. I thought the paper would be hiding a hideous ceiling, but apart from a few smallish cracks it’s not bad. It won’t need any lining paper.

Kitchen Accessories

I put up my kitchen hooks tonight. They’ll look great when I have all stainless utensils 🙂

kitchen accessories

kitchen accessories

kitchen hooks

kitchen hooks – awaiting new stainless utensils!

The architrave went up the other night. This along with the finished tile skirting really neatens up everything.



I was going to paint the door tonight, but remembered I’m not doing it white and don’t have the right paint yet. I’m going for another earthy tone to blend everything together.

Some (almost) finishing touches

I’ve just had a lovely shower in my wetroom. It’s not totally finished (no sink yet and some trim to go up) but it was such a nice shower… After putting up with this for 4 months…

upstairs bathroom, my only plumbed in shower until last night

This is luxury…

wetroom shower


just sink left to plumb in

The sink in the picture isn’t the sink we’re using. I got it free, but we had a change of heart. I got another sink for £1.20 on eBay but it didn’t work with the pedestal I had, so I’m waiting to track down another bargain basin and pedestal.

My period fire place is in! It’s not in place properly and the surround isn’t screwed in but man it looks awesome. The chimney has also been covered with lining paper, ready for papering with pretty paper at a later date.

fire and chandelier

awesome period fire place!! need to finish refurbing the surround

chandelier (need to buy one more bulb)

wallpaper for chimney

I’ve started off the tile skirting in the kitchen. It just needs cleaning up. And I’ve actually managed to bring my dining table into the kitchen!!

tile skirting in the kitchen

dining table

The worktop is properly secured now and the tap is where it’s supposed to be and not under the sink in the cupboard! Now the worktop is secure I can move the washing machine to finish off the floor tiles.

worktop secure

Floor is Tiled, Grouted, Cleaned and All Shiny

Back from Budapest… managed 4 days not working on the house. Had anticipated 5… but the few hours before I went to the airport were spent frantically scrubbing the grout into shape.

I had to fly away!

Not a hard hat or face mask in sight

I finished the grouting Sunday. After cleaning the floor tonight, it’s looking good!

grouted and cleaned

cats have never seen the floor so clean

The floor’s all done until the worktop is secured and I can move the washing machine. I’m doing a tile skirting, but that can wait. I want to get the lounge floor done first, now that I have somewhere clean to put the sofa.

Grouting the kitchen floor tiles

My hands are shredded, from the cleaning of the grout I think. So can’t type much as most of the tips of my fingers are cut.

The floor is looking good. It’s surprising the difference the grout can make. Makes it look finished I guess.

Saxon invades the fresh grout…

For people wanting to know, it took about 2 and half hours to grout and do the first clean up of approx 7.5 sqm. I didn’t have a grouting float, I just had a squeegee. I’m not sure if the float would’ve been better, I suspect so but they were pretty pricey.

fridge and freezer floor done

I’m off to Budapest for a few days. Wow, 5 days without doing a thing to the house. How odd!

When I’m back I’ll clean up the tiles properly and put the fridge freezer and under counter freezer back, to their permanent position! I can then grout the rest of the floor. I’ll get around to ordering and attaching my cooker splashback then too.