Making Pallet Furniture

The week before last I was down at my parents and borrowed my dad’s car to collect some pallets. I’ve just finished making a pallet table and headboard. Plus, I’ve turned a scaffold board into a radiator shelf.

Pallet Table

Taking the pallets apart was tough, but luckily my dad did that for me (I just had to get all the nails out). Then it was 1 hour of sanding with my belt sander last night and  2 coats of danish oil.

pallet table

pallet table not sanded

table sanded and oiled

table sanded and oiled

danish oil

danish oil

Pallet Headboard

It took about an hour or so sanding. I sanded the planks individually and sponged on two coats of varnish. When they were dry, the fun started and I lined the planks up in various orders until I found a design I was happy with.

I layed the planks onto two horizontal pieces of wood and screwed the headboard together. I drilled holes in the planks big enough for the screws to fit through and also drilled pilot holes into the frame.

And here we have the headboard (which only fitted up the stairs by a few mm)

headboard  before sanding

headboard before sanding

headboard sanded and varnished

headboard sanded and varnished



It’s resting against the wall at the moment as I don’t have any wood long enough to make the legs, but that’s just a couple more screws.

Cost of both, approx 40p (screws). I used three pallets in total, free from Jewsons.
The only other wood I needed, was for the frame.


I bought a green kettle

Spent start of the new year ill. Hibernated in bed for 7 days. Even the rendering couldn’t tempt me out, but I did find a great green kettle.

Green Theme

Green Theme

Homebase's finest Pyramid Kettle

Homebase’s finest Pyramid Kettle

Figured won’t be decorating my bedroom for a good few months, so should stop living in total chaos and had a little rearrange.

Mac and PC buddies

Mac and PC buddies

Spot the lovely curtains above. New blinds purchased prematurely, but I don’t go to Ikea often.


new blinds – Liselott from Ikea

7pm. Bed calls. Rock n Roll.

Some (almost) finishing touches

I’ve just had a lovely shower in my wetroom. It’s not totally finished (no sink yet and some trim to go up) but it was such a nice shower… After putting up with this for 4 months…

upstairs bathroom, my only plumbed in shower until last night

This is luxury…

wetroom shower


just sink left to plumb in

The sink in the picture isn’t the sink we’re using. I got it free, but we had a change of heart. I got another sink for £1.20 on eBay but it didn’t work with the pedestal I had, so I’m waiting to track down another bargain basin and pedestal.

My period fire place is in! It’s not in place properly and the surround isn’t screwed in but man it looks awesome. The chimney has also been covered with lining paper, ready for papering with pretty paper at a later date.

fire and chandelier

awesome period fire place!! need to finish refurbing the surround

chandelier (need to buy one more bulb)

wallpaper for chimney

I’ve started off the tile skirting in the kitchen. It just needs cleaning up. And I’ve actually managed to bring my dining table into the kitchen!!

tile skirting in the kitchen

dining table

The worktop is properly secured now and the tap is where it’s supposed to be and not under the sink in the cupboard! Now the worktop is secure I can move the washing machine to finish off the floor tiles.

worktop secure

Kitchen Diner Lighting Ideas

The new bigger kitchen will be here soon – the end wall will be gone by the end of the week and that’ll help with ideas – it’s a bit difficult to visualise the space the extra 3 feet will give to the room. I know I want to create two different zones in the kitchen diner, by using different lighting. I just need to decide what.

Spots down the kitchen end could be the way to go, but at over 5 meters in length I’ll need a lot of them.

I’m thinking some sort of pendant (or 2 or 3) for over the dining table would work well, but a ceiling downlight or arm light are other options to think about.

Pendants over dining area

Spots in kitchen – frosted ceiling ring over table

Three pendants

Spots mixed with three pendants over island

Two pendants over table

Spots and 3 pendants over island/breakfast bar

kitchen spots and three arm ceiling light over table