Awe Inspiring DIY Pallet Furniture

I’ve got a recent fascination with pallet furniture. When I have a bit of time I’m going to try my hand at making a DIY pallet table / seat etc. Just look how incredible these all look!

Pallet Stools

Pallet Stools

Pallet bed, side table and end table. Door headboard.

Pallet bed, side table and end table. Door headboard.

Pallet Shelves

Pallet Shelves

Pallet Plate Shelves

Pallet Wine Rack & Doors

Pallet Island

Pallet Island

Pallet Headboard

Pallet Headboard


Bathroom Brainstorm

The upstairs bathroom is small and I want to create the feeling of space and luxury.

Here are some ideas of bathrooms with elements that stand out to me.

slim long tiles with colour variation

long slim tiles and light and airy

recessed shelves

recessed shelf

stone tiles, borders, lighting

large mirror over bath, bright

detailed mosaic tiles and taps

sink area feature tiles

change in tile colour

styish sink & vanity

tile accent colours

Kitchen Diner Lighting Ideas

The new bigger kitchen will be here soon – the end wall will be gone by the end of the week and that’ll help with ideas – it’s a bit difficult to visualise the space the extra 3 feet will give to the room. I know I want to create two different zones in the kitchen diner, by using different lighting. I just need to decide what.

Spots down the kitchen end could be the way to go, but at over 5 meters in length I’ll need a lot of them.

I’m thinking some sort of pendant (or 2 or 3) for over the dining table would work well, but a ceiling downlight or arm light are other options to think about.

Pendants over dining area

Spots in kitchen – frosted ceiling ring over table

Three pendants

Spots mixed with three pendants over island

Two pendants over table

Spots and 3 pendants over island/breakfast bar

kitchen spots and three arm ceiling light over table

Kitchen Ideas

Few ideas – don’t neccessarily like all aspects of the kitchens, but I’m looking at the layout.

My hob has to go opp side to the sink, which if gas isn’t ideal, but there isn’t space for it the window side. Looking like under worktop oven will work best in terms of space and cost, in that case would a cooker/hob in one work… built in looks superior

Prob the kitchen cabinets I’m going for

Galley Kitchen 1

Clever Storage


Galley Kitchen 2

Inspiring Ideas – Imaginative Interior Design

I’m going to reinstate the Victorian feel to my 1900 Victorian house. It’s pretty exciting, it’s going to look stunning when it’s done and have so much character!

There’s so many different things I could do and I will be adding different inspiring photos to this page as a reference for myself and my parents (who live down the other end of the country and are helping me with this project).

Dado Colours

Dado Colours

Using Dado Rail

Ceiling Rose

Living Room Lighting

Living Room Lighting

kitchen colours – greens

kitchen colours – greens

Would love a Belfast sink like this, with front panel revealed. Depends on costs.

Too white for my liking, but I love the old style cupboard on the left. Also love the work top on the left.

I really like this idea, but I don’t think I’ll be able to incorporate it.. not in the kitchen anyway.

LOVE the coffee table 3rd row down, 1st column