Bargain Buying – Furniture, Doors etc

I’m setting a challange of doing up the house for as cheap as poss.

  • One – it keeps costs down and maximises profit when I come to sell (maybe 2 yrs, to then buy another old and/or neglected house to do up)
  • Two – it proves to people that you don’t need to spend a fortune for something to look fab.

Good condition toilet, freecycle. Cost new = £80+. SAVING = £80


Toilet and Basin. Donated by my Builder! Wasn’t going to change the toilet, but might as well if he’s supplying and fitting it for free. Cost new basin = £50+. SAVING = £50+

Good condition Electric Oven, eBay £56. Cost new = £140. SAVING = £84

Electric Oven

Good condition Dishwasher in metallic grey, eBay £67. Cost new = £200. SAVING = £133


Newly acquired Belfast sink. eBay £41. Needs a good clean, but no cracks or scratches. Cost new = £120. SAVING = £79

Belfast sink

Victorian-esque wooden table with 6 chairs found through Freecycle, collected Saturday. You guessed it… for free. Forgot to take photos of this, so here is the photo the lady sent me. One of the chairs a piece from the back missing and table has some marks on it, but can refurb. I love the chairs, they’re quite Neo Gothic. Cost new = £300+. SAVING = £300+

When refurbished will look lovely

I have just bought 6 Victorian doors from eBay. They are varying sizes, so I’m guessing that only 3 will be useable. But I paid £31.99 (approx £34.50 with petrol) and aim to sell the ones I don’t need even if only for £5. New doors in my Victorian house wouldn’t have looked right. Cost new = £60 (3 doors). SAVING = £25.50

Victorian style doors bought from eBay