I have just bought my first home. I’ve been renting since I first moved out of home for Uni – 8 years ago now. Originally from Woking (30 miles south of London), moved to Birmingham for Uni, graduated in 2007 and still up here.

Shell (new nickname “Scrape” – thanks Stu)

For the last decade I’ve been keen to buy an old place to do up. My first house is a large Victorian terrace, built in 1900. The frontage is deceptive, it looks small, but the house is narrow but very long.

It hasn’t been decorated in 20 years. And that update was new carpets and a fresh lick of paint on the 5 layers of wallpaper. It has rising damp, a boiler that’s prob 50 years old, quary tiles on the kitchen with no damp proof membrane and an extension to the old coal house that hasn’t been done properly.

I’ll update this blog when I have time… and seeing as all my free time is now spent working on the house, that’s prob lunch breaks when I’m not chasing builders, researching and designing!


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