Adding curb appeal – welcome to my humble abode

The rain held off over the weekend and so the exterior out the front is nearly complete. Parts of the porch supports were particularly difficult to reach, with me balancing off ladders on uneven ground, upright paving slabs and the bay window wall. Job done.

freshly painted woodwork, awaiting new windows

freshly painted woodwork, awaiting new windows

The porch and door woodwork have had two coats of white and look so much brighter – they were the same colour as the window frames. I’m awaiting my third double glazing window quote, so the windows will soon match.

I’ve also landscaped the garden.

newly landscaped front garden

newly landscaped front garden

I fixed the gate, pruned the massively overgrown bush, weeded the path and cleared out the clogged gutter. I also bought some plants and flowers and made some unusual brick planters, with bricks salvaged from previous building works.


colorful pallet of textures

The white gravel makes the reds pop.

funky brick planters I made

funky brick planters I made

The two bigger plants are perennial and are hardy and the three evergreen succulents are drought resistant and will look just as interesting in the winter. £50 well spent.

will paint the rocks white and red

I’m going to paint the rocks white and red

I just need to get a couple of old tyres to make a large tyre planter!

I saw two tyres on the industrial estate at work as I was leaving… hopefully they’re still there tomorrow and I can find the unit owner to ask about taking them. Painted red/white they’ll fit right in, and will give me some more gravel for the empty spots.