Study…. is now a study.

So, I finally got around to sorting all the junk that was stored in this room whilst I was renovating my bathroom and bedroom.

Bringing the desk upstairs on my own was a very near huge failure. I got stuck mid way, literally pinned to the stairs under the desk… it isn’t too heavy but it was such a tight fit.

I also massively scraped the banister and wall and the drawer fell out from mid way up the incredibly steep stairs, bouncing three times…. very loudly. I’m sure I gave the neighbours an almighty shock. I need to fix up the walls and banister, but the drawer was more or less unscathed.





I was going to sand the desk and paint parts of it, but it’ll do as it is for now.
It still looks pretty good. Besides, I can buy my A3 laser printer now and get trading.


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