Front Room – Time is Running Out.

The aim is to transform the front room to a neatly finished blank canvas before Christmas. Ready for sanding the floors and decorating in the new year…. excluding the bay window wall, which I’ll render & plaster in the new year too.

filling the chimney
filling the chimney
primed chimney, damp plaster gone
primed chimney

I also sprayed the fireplace for my lounge. Ran out spray though, so it’s not quite done. The room doesn’t have any windows that open either so working in the room later on was an experience..

back to bricks
back to bricks

The plaster by the bay was worse than I thought, so had to take it back to brick and will need to render this before plastering. It’s not rising damp, the downpipe at the front of the house needed re-routing.

more filling & priming

filled & primed walls

filled & primed

more filling & priming

Still got a bit more filling to do.

Some people think that doing up a room, means strip the wallpaper, then stick on a couple of coats of paint. Makes me laugh… cry/laugh, it’s the same thing really right?


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