5 months later – from house to home

5 months have flown by. Ok, so I should have been at this stage about 6 weeks ago. But I lost 3 weeks when the first builder cancelled on me and then another 3 weeks with plumber issues.

Still, not too bad when I’ve been working mostly on my own and fitting the renovation around a full time job, a band and the meetup group that I run.

I forget what the house used to look like until I look back over the photos. It used to be in a serious state!

Bedroom 2 is done for now. It was put back to a reasonable condition for my lodger, but it will need some more work on it when he moves out before I come to sell.

Bedroom 3 is done –  apart from painting the door & door frame. Not inc the double glazing, which will be done next summer/autumn.

bedroom 3 before

my drum room (just need a new kit)

The hall  looks like a hall, not like the entrance to a building site. I need to fix a small bit of plasterboard above the door, box in the electric cables and board up a small section of the ceiling where it changes in height.

The lounge is almost complete. The sofa covers have been washed and I can sit and watch TV and actually relax. The TV still needs to go on the wall though.

I need to finish off the coving, cement the fire into place and paper the chimney (lining paper is done). Then I need to choose curtains.

Very tired old lounge

lounge update

The kitchen is even closer to total completion. It’s been properly functioning for a couple of months now, I’ve just got my dining table in and I even put up my new funky clock last night.

Within the next week or so I should have finished the odds and ends, except for boxing in the pipes and clipping on the plinths (need to wait to borrow my dads car for transporting the materials).

Small Old Kitchen

kitchen refurb

kitchen refurb

kitchen update

The wet room has a working shower and toilet. It’s so nice showering in a clean environment! It still has some bits to finish off, including plumbing in a sink.


wet room update

The front room is in a dim state. Once I’ve finished the odds and ends in the kitchen and hall I’ll be working on this room again. I need a spare bed for visitors so I don’t get kicked out of my bedroom and onto the sofa!

The master bedroom, upstairs bathroom and stairs & landing haven’t been touched and won’t be for a while. I’m aiming to get the upstairs bathroom completed in Feb and then having several months off, to drum, drink and get my business head back on. In that order.


Some (almost) finishing touches

I’ve just had a lovely shower in my wetroom. It’s not totally finished (no sink yet and some trim to go up) but it was such a nice shower… After putting up with this for 4 months…

upstairs bathroom, my only plumbed in shower until last night

This is luxury…

wetroom shower


just sink left to plumb in

The sink in the picture isn’t the sink we’re using. I got it free, but we had a change of heart. I got another sink for £1.20 on eBay but it didn’t work with the pedestal I had, so I’m waiting to track down another bargain basin and pedestal.

My period fire place is in! It’s not in place properly and the surround isn’t screwed in but man it looks awesome. The chimney has also been covered with lining paper, ready for papering with pretty paper at a later date.

fire and chandelier

awesome period fire place!! need to finish refurbing the surround

chandelier (need to buy one more bulb)

wallpaper for chimney

I’ve started off the tile skirting in the kitchen. It just needs cleaning up. And I’ve actually managed to bring my dining table into the kitchen!!

tile skirting in the kitchen

dining table

The worktop is properly secured now and the tap is where it’s supposed to be and not under the sink in the cupboard! Now the worktop is secure I can move the washing machine to finish off the floor tiles.

worktop secure

Lounge floor & skirting… Job Done.

The final coat on the lounge floor has been done and the skirting is done too. I’m mega pleased with it.

I can move the sofa back in tomorrow night. Then the Kitchen will be empty again and I’ll swap back to working in there and do the tile skirting.

lounge floor fully varnished

skirting done (Wilkinson ‘signal red’)

Can’t wait to get my period fire place in. It’s being repainted as we speak (thanks Mum). Hopefully there’ll be time to fit it next weekend.

What a Transformation in the Hall

The hall didn’t take long to sand. 4 hours this afternoon. It had no evil bitumen to scrub and scrape away.

After putting on the first coat of varnish all I could say was “WOW“. What a transformation.

hall floor sanded & 1 coat of varnish

This gave an even bigger immediate “wow” than the lounge floor. Maybe because one day the underlay was down, the next day it was sanded and varnished, whereas the lounge floor was a very gradual transformation.

It could have also been because the hall and lounge floors now flow as one.

hall before

I wasn’t expecting to finish the sanding of the hall until tomorrow. But by the end of tomorrow the hall and lounge will both have had their 3 coats of varnish and be complete.

First coat of varnish is done

The first coat of varnish has gone on. It’s going on well and when all the coats are done it’s going to look good! All those hours scrubbing, scraping and sanding seem to have paid off.

first coat of varnish

second coat of varnish

bit different before

It’ll go darker as I put more coats on too (it’s actually Dark Oak and it’s not so orange as it looks in the pic). Sweet! 🙂

Saturday Sanding

Now that the kitchen floor is done, I had somewhere to put the sofa.

So back to scrubbing and sanding the lounge floor. Back breaking work, but I’ve got rid of all the bitumen and got it to a decent standard, all done to 60 grit.

some proper progress

I’ll have it fully sanded tomorrow and if I have any body mobility after that and then Sun eve band practice, I’ll put on the first coat of varnish/stain.

Still not decided if I’ll have to stick cat’s in the cat carrier. Cats & fresh varnish don’t go together well..

Bathroom Brainstorm

The upstairs bathroom is small and I want to create the feeling of space and luxury.

Here are some ideas of bathrooms with elements that stand out to me.

slim long tiles with colour variation

long slim tiles and light and airy

recessed shelves

recessed shelf

stone tiles, borders, lighting

large mirror over bath, bright

detailed mosaic tiles and taps

sink area feature tiles

change in tile colour

styish sink & vanity

tile accent colours