Grouting the kitchen floor tiles

My hands are shredded, from the cleaning of the grout I think. So can’t type much as most of the tips of my fingers are cut.

The floor is looking good. It’s surprising the difference the grout can make. Makes it look finished I guess.

Saxon invades the fresh grout…

For people wanting to know, it took about 2 and half hours to grout and do the first clean up of approx 7.5 sqm. I didn’t have a grouting float, I just had a squeegee. I’m not sure if the float would’ve been better, I suspect so but they were pretty pricey.

fridge and freezer floor done

I’m off to Budapest for a few days. Wow, 5 days without doing a thing to the house. How odd!

When I’m back I’ll clean up the tiles properly and put the fridge freezer and under counter freezer back, to their permanent position! I can then grout the rest of the floor. I’ll get around to ordering and attaching my cooker splashback then too.


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