Tiling Virgin, No More

Tiling the kitchen floor – the first job that I’ve been scared off!

I set out the tiles one night, was happy with them… double checked again the next night… and then triple checked before I laid my first 4 rows last night.

Was much more relaxed after that. Yes, it takes a lot of fiddling, checking the spirit level across each tile 6 ways, checking the tile against the surrounding tiles, checking its in line with the row two behind (brick layout). But I did it! 🙂

Last night I laid my first ever tile and then another 11.

My first 12 tiles

Tiling straight would be so much quicker, but the brick layout was def needed as my kitchen is so long and narrow.

Today, after 9 and half hours of tiling my body is destroyed, but I’ve laid half the tiles – 45 whole tiles and a few cut ones. I couldn’t do any more or I would have boxed myself into the end of the kitchen for the night!

end of day 1

I’ve done double what I expected by the end of the night. By the end of tomorrow I should be three quarters finished. I can’t move the washing machine yet… as the worktop isn’t fixed so I can’t move the dishwasher any further. DOH.


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