back ache but smiling face

I can hardly move, partly due to priming and painting, but mostly because I bought a belt sander yesterday and have started sanding the lounge floor. It’s coming up really well, it just takes a hell of a lot of body power, crawling around on the floor, guiding the machine as it tries to run away from you.

Sanding original floorboards

The floorboards are coming up well, these need going over with a coarse paper again and then doing several more grades of paper. But I’m very impressed with the little belt sander I got in Lidl for £25.

restoring floorboards

Now all the builders stuff has gone and I’ve made a start on the floor, it’s looking MUCH more like a lounge.

nearly a lounge

Dad put up the wall units in the kitchen, there’s just one more to go up after the side of the wall is painted. It’s almost like I have a kitchen now

Kitchen wall units

For the first time in 2 months I have an actual place to put things…


I also bought 19sqm of kitchen floor tiles today. I’ll start to fit them in a week or 2. My solid beech worktops are arriving on Friday and I plan to get the kitchen fully painted before then.

slowly getting there

The bedroom looks much more like.. well a bedroom now that it has a carpet in there. It’s the same carpet as the landing, much better than the horrible carpet that was originally in there. It just needs the door changing (and windows – next yr) and it’s done.

bedroom carpet



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