3 Months Later…

This is posted a little late. Bit annoyed at builder for slowing down considerably, plus I’ve been doing less myself the last 2 weeks, I’ve been more sociable and have seen a few different friends I hadn’t seen in a couple of months.

Also frustrated in the fact that if the first builder hadn’t cancelled one me after and the plumber hadn’t screwed me around I’d have been at this stage at least 4 weeks ago…


  • The kitchen floor is done and the back door is in
  • The kitchen base units are in
  • The kitchen plumbing is done
  • The kitchen lighting and electrics are done and have my electric certificate
  • The kitchen is nearly fully skimmed
  • The roof is half tiled…
  • The lounge ceiling and alls are painted
  • The lounge skirting boards are sanded ready for painting
  • The front room no longer has the suspended ceiling
  • The front room is stripped and I’ve started filling it
  • The wetroom is nearly complete
  • … oh and the plumber was completely incompetent, fitted the wrong boiler and tried to bodge it… so I’m awaiting a second plumber to fix his mess! Luckily I should still come in on budget for this)

Nearly ready to paint

Big Difference… Big New Kitchen Diner

Nearly a Wet Room

As much as I get on with my builder, I really want him to go now! I want my house back.

The are small bits left, like fitting the door to the wet room, plastering the stud wall, finishing the tiling in the wet room and grouting it putting the window handles on etc, plus skimming the hall.

I’m hoping by the end of next weekend I’ll have the kitchen painted and the wall units on…

There’s a delay on the worktops, I’m getting them part fabricated before they are sent out, so that adds on 7-10 days delay, which is annoying as it means no the hob can’t be connected yet.

Time to buy my kitchen floor tiles and start the tiling, this will be my first tiling job and there’s approx 16sqm to lay, with quite a lot of cuts, thanks the room stepping in part way down, so I expect it to take a long time.


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