Kitchen Colours

Seeing as the kitchen should be finished in the next week or so I need to decide on my paint colours.

I decided on green a long time ago, but now it’s time to sort the colour scheme and see what works well together etc.

The cabinets are cream, the worktop is beech and the cooker hood & splashback will be stainless steel.

Green Colour Scheme

I’ve got two options so far:

Option A
Window wall plus most of opposite wall light green
Between base and wall units brighter accent green
Two end walls neutral
Ceiling white

Option B
Window wall mid light green
Opposite wall and two end walls neutral
Between base and wall units brighter accent green
Ceiling white

Just need to narrow the colours down a little and get some testers.
Whether I go with Dulux, Crown or Leyland is undecided. I can get any of the brands to colour match.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Colours

  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog. Its great. We have just bought a Victorian Terrace in London and are having the floors sanded at the moment. Can’t wait to start painting. I also want to do a blog but don’t think my reno will be as challenging as yours. Good luck and can’t wait to read more. Cheers

    • hi Adrian, thanks for the comment 🙂 I’m nearly ready to start sanding my floors. I’m going to try the lounge with my electric hand sander as the floorboards are all level and half of them are untreated bare wood, so it shouldn’t be too bad… fingers crossed. Should be putting up coving in the lounge next weekend too. It’s finally starting to come together!

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