Half a Kitchen… 21st Century Living!

After a long, hard weekend with my parents helping out all the kitchen base units are in as well as all the plumbing. The wall units are all made up, ready to go on once the walls are skimmed.

Wow, it feels totally different. After we put on the temporary worktops it transformed the room and it now looks like a kitchen! Once the kitchen is skimmed and painted I’ll order my solid wood worktops.


We used the dishwasher last night (with the waste into a bucket), what luxury after washing up in my bath for the last 6 weeks. I’ve just put on my first load of washing – even after buying quite a few socks and a pair of jeans I was finally down to zilch clean clothing.

The washing machine… an underrated invention

My kitchen taps arrived Fri and they’re now plumbed in. Having water that doesn’t run into a bucket on the floor, but that actually goes into a sink is amazing! The sink was a pain to fit as my dad had to construct a frame to support the weight.

Belfast sink

After scraping off the old silicone and bits of paint from the sink it looks great. No one would guess I only paid £40 for it! I just need to seal the top of the unit (hence the plastic covering it).

Belfast sink on home made stand

My builder picked up the door I found on gumtree on Sat. Luckily he was heading over that way, so it saved us an 1 and a half going to get it. It’s in brilliant condition and once given a clean it will look new. At 1/4 of the price of a new one.

Kitchen door

All in all, a successful weekend. I’m no longer living in a building site!

The electrician is coming tomorrow to put electric into the kitchen and move a couple of sockets before the room is skimmed. My wet room should be finished by Thurs.


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