back ache but smiling face

I can hardly move, partly due to priming and painting, but mostly because I bought a belt sander yesterday and have started sanding the lounge floor. It’s coming up really well, it just takes a hell of a lot of body power, crawling around on the floor, guiding the machine as it tries to run away from you.

Sanding original floorboards

The floorboards are coming up well, these need going over with a coarse paper again and then doing several more grades of paper. But I’m very impressed with the little belt sander I got in Lidl for £25.

restoring floorboards

Now all the builders stuff has gone and I’ve made a start on the floor, it’s looking MUCH more like a lounge.

nearly a lounge

Dad put up the wall units in the kitchen, there’s just one more to go up after the side of the wall is painted. It’s almost like I have a kitchen now

Kitchen wall units

For the first time in 2 months I have an actual place to put things…


I also bought 19sqm of kitchen floor tiles today. I’ll start to fit them in a week or 2. My solid beech worktops are arriving on Friday and I plan to get the kitchen fully painted before then.

slowly getting there

The bedroom looks much more like.. well a bedroom now that it has a carpet in there. It’s the same carpet as the landing, much better than the horrible carpet that was originally in there. It just needs the door changing (and windows – next yr) and it’s done.

bedroom carpet



3 Months Later…

This is posted a little late. Bit annoyed at builder for slowing down considerably, plus I’ve been doing less myself the last 2 weeks, I’ve been more sociable and have seen a few different friends I hadn’t seen in a couple of months.

Also frustrated in the fact that if the first builder hadn’t cancelled one me after and the plumber hadn’t screwed me around I’d have been at this stage at least 4 weeks ago…


  • The kitchen floor is done and the back door is in
  • The kitchen base units are in
  • The kitchen plumbing is done
  • The kitchen lighting and electrics are done and have my electric certificate
  • The kitchen is nearly fully skimmed
  • The roof is half tiled…
  • The lounge ceiling and alls are painted
  • The lounge skirting boards are sanded ready for painting
  • The front room no longer has the suspended ceiling
  • The front room is stripped and I’ve started filling it
  • The wetroom is nearly complete
  • … oh and the plumber was completely incompetent, fitted the wrong boiler and tried to bodge it… so I’m awaiting a second plumber to fix his mess! Luckily I should still come in on budget for this)

Nearly ready to paint

Big Difference… Big New Kitchen Diner

Nearly a Wet Room

As much as I get on with my builder, I really want him to go now! I want my house back.

The are small bits left, like fitting the door to the wet room, plastering the stud wall, finishing the tiling in the wet room and grouting it putting the window handles on etc, plus skimming the hall.

I’m hoping by the end of next weekend I’ll have the kitchen painted and the wall units on…

There’s a delay on the worktops, I’m getting them part fabricated before they are sent out, so that adds on 7-10 days delay, which is annoying as it means no the hob can’t be connected yet.

Time to buy my kitchen floor tiles and start the tiling, this will be my first tiling job and there’s approx 16sqm to lay, with quite a lot of cuts, thanks the room stepping in part way down, so I expect it to take a long time.

Kitchen Colours

Seeing as the kitchen should be finished in the next week or so I need to decide on my paint colours.

I decided on green a long time ago, but now it’s time to sort the colour scheme and see what works well together etc.

The cabinets are cream, the worktop is beech and the cooker hood & splashback will be stainless steel.

Green Colour Scheme

I’ve got two options so far:

Option A
Window wall plus most of opposite wall light green
Between base and wall units brighter accent green
Two end walls neutral
Ceiling white

Option B
Window wall mid light green
Opposite wall and two end walls neutral
Between base and wall units brighter accent green
Ceiling white

Just need to narrow the colours down a little and get some testers.
Whether I go with Dulux, Crown or Leyland is undecided. I can get any of the brands to colour match.

Half a Kitchen… 21st Century Living!

After a long, hard weekend with my parents helping out all the kitchen base units are in as well as all the plumbing. The wall units are all made up, ready to go on once the walls are skimmed.

Wow, it feels totally different. After we put on the temporary worktops it transformed the room and it now looks like a kitchen! Once the kitchen is skimmed and painted I’ll order my solid wood worktops.


We used the dishwasher last night (with the waste into a bucket), what luxury after washing up in my bath for the last 6 weeks. I’ve just put on my first load of washing – even after buying quite a few socks and a pair of jeans I was finally down to zilch clean clothing.

The washing machine… an underrated invention

My kitchen taps arrived Fri and they’re now plumbed in. Having water that doesn’t run into a bucket on the floor, but that actually goes into a sink is amazing! The sink was a pain to fit as my dad had to construct a frame to support the weight.

Belfast sink

After scraping off the old silicone and bits of paint from the sink it looks great. No one would guess I only paid £40 for it! I just need to seal the top of the unit (hence the plastic covering it).

Belfast sink on home made stand

My builder picked up the door I found on gumtree on Sat. Luckily he was heading over that way, so it saved us an 1 and a half going to get it. It’s in brilliant condition and once given a clean it will look new. At 1/4 of the price of a new one.

Kitchen door

All in all, a successful weekend. I’m no longer living in a building site!

The electrician is coming tomorrow to put electric into the kitchen and move a couple of sockets before the room is skimmed. My wet room should be finished by Thurs.

Kitchen Floor… (Finally)

More of the kitchen was drylined Tuesday – it’s slow, doing it bit by bit. The builder has to do things a bit backwards, due to the backward plumber.

Most of Kitchen Dry Lined

On wednesday all the pipes were done and my wet room floor laid on Wed. Apparently the pipework was a nightmare and took 4 hours. I also collected a free good condition toilet off freecycle, for upstairs.

Kitchen Floor

Today (Thurs) the floor to 90% of the kitchen floor was done. Again, this is being done backwards (i.e. by hand rather than pump from truck) due to plumbers screw up. It nearly looks like a room now.

But regardless of what happens tomorrow, the room is ready to fit my kitchen units at the weekend.

Opening Up the Fire

Lovely Gas Fire

Opened Fire

The opening was too small (400mm width), so it’s been opened up.

The plan is to buy an original cast iron fire and  to brick up width of the hole to fit the size.

BUT If I don’t find a decent fire for the right price then I could keep the fire this sort of size (painted) with a Victorian surround and either a free standing fire / log burner or empty.

Either way, whatever the future of this fire – it looks much better already!