2 Months Later…

Ok, so the building work is well under the way. I can visualise what the kitchen will look like now 🙂

  • The end of the kitchen wall has gone and the lobby no longer exists.
  • The kitchen and wet room floor has been dug out, ready for gas pipes to be laid.
  • The old roof has gone, the new roof is on and felted, ready to be tiled
  • The one large window has become two smaller windows
  • The rising damp has been sorted, the kitchen has dried out. No more damp smell.
  • The socket back boxes are all up in the kitchen, ready for the electrician
  • Bedroom 3 is coming together. It has been filled and the walls and ceiling are painted. The skirting has had it’s first coat.
  • The lounge has been filled and primed once

Kitchen building works

Roof felted

New Windows

Even after the first coat of white satin on the skirting, it looks so much better. It will look great when given a light sand and another coat. I used Leyland Trade Satin, it went on well.

Skirting – so much fresher

This coming week I’ll be having the boiler plumbed in, hot water!! Once that’s done the floor can be laid. We’re then ready to put up the new ceilings and re-plaster


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