Building Work – Part 1

There was a change of order to the building works.

Back to brick & floor dug up

Last weekend the non load bearing wall was taken down and the lobby and shower room floor was dug out. Toilet removed. Most of my back garden is piled high with rubble now. The plaster was also removed from all of the shower room and lobby and 2/3rds of the kitchen.

Kitchen – back to brick

  • Wed – my builder removed plaster up to 1m on the party wall, for damp proofing. He also set up the electric shower upstairs as a temporary measure, but my pressure is too low, it wasn’t getting water quick enough to get hot. Moving the header tank to the loft will help, but I may still need a pump. Damn.
  • Thurs night – builder’s removing plaster up to 1m in two sections of the lounge, for damp proofing. (10 min job).
  • Friday I’m having the damp specialist injecting the walls
  • Sat & Sun – builder will be digging out the rest of the floor.
  • The RSJ will go in and with a bit of luck the roof should be going on.
  • Skip is booked to be delivered and later collected on Sat.

It’ll then be time for the stud wall going in for the shower room, which is now going to be a swanky wet room. And as the builder will tank the floor after he’s laid the new floor, the price will be approx the same. I was going to tile the floor anyway. Save £160 on shower tray and enclosure, spend £80 on wall tiles and a few hours tiling labour costs. Sounds good to me.

The only bad thing is that the builder recommended fitting the new windows to the kitchen now, as the frames are wet and rotten and there are no lintels above the windows. I was going to wait until next year to do these windows to give me time to save up some more money. But he’s said I should do them now, even if it means not paying him right away. I need to choose an exterior door too.

I’ve ceized work on the lounge for now (filling, priming). I’m waiting until the damp work has been done and the wall replastered.

I’ve started work on Bedroom 3 instead. Mainly so I can do that room and then have somewhere to set up my drumkit!!

Bed 3 – Stripped & Filled

I’ve stripped the paper off Bedroom 3 and the plaster is ok, except for around the windows, where new plaster has been put on badly. I thought I’d need to have this wall re-skimmed, but my builders given me some good advice and I’ll use some joining compound and joining tape and it will be sorted.

By the end of the weekend I plan on having all but the window wall nice and smooth, ready for painting.


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