By Jove.. There’s a Boiler on my Wall


Complete Boiler

Kitchen Radiator

Lounge Radiator

A pressure boosting pump has also been added, but it’s noisy and although my pressure is quite low I think it’s good enough without the pump. Ok, the bath would take a long time to fill but shower pressure was decent & that’s just from a mixer tap. I’ll be asking Mr Plumber to remove the pump.


Bank Hol Working Weekend

Things haven’t been able to progress as we’d like, due to issues with the plumber. What is it with plumbers?! I have boiler and rads sitting in their boxes in my living room, but as the boiler hasn’t been fitted and pipes not changed the ceiling and top part of walls couldn’t be boarded. The floor was supposed to be laid Fri, but had to cancel this due to the plumber being a complete time waster (pipes need to be laid first). Had a nice hot shower at my builders house tonight tho.

The kitchen windows have been changed and the majority of the wall dry lined. The wet room ceiling has been boarded. The lounge has been rendered, ready to be skimmed tomorrow.

Old Windows (Rotten Frames)

Replacing Windows

Replacing Windows

Dry Lining Kitchen

Boarding Wet Room Ceiling

I have taken out two of the built in wardrobes in my bedroom, which really opens up the room.



I’ve also filled more of the lounge walls and ceiling and given the ceiling the first coat of paint. Was given some caulking and a gun yesterday, which makes filling in the gaps in the corners between walls easy.

Plus lots of little jobs, like painting door frames – which as the architraves (door frame surrounds) are Victorian they are a total pain to paint.

2 Months Later…

Ok, so the building work is well under the way. I can visualise what the kitchen will look like now 🙂

  • The end of the kitchen wall has gone and the lobby no longer exists.
  • The kitchen and wet room floor has been dug out, ready for gas pipes to be laid.
  • The old roof has gone, the new roof is on and felted, ready to be tiled
  • The one large window has become two smaller windows
  • The rising damp has been sorted, the kitchen has dried out. No more damp smell.
  • The socket back boxes are all up in the kitchen, ready for the electrician
  • Bedroom 3 is coming together. It has been filled and the walls and ceiling are painted. The skirting has had it’s first coat.
  • The lounge has been filled and primed once

Kitchen building works

Roof felted

New Windows

Even after the first coat of white satin on the skirting, it looks so much better. It will look great when given a light sand and another coat. I used Leyland Trade Satin, it went on well.

Skirting – so much fresher

This coming week I’ll be having the boiler plumbed in, hot water!! Once that’s done the floor can be laid. We’re then ready to put up the new ceilings and re-plaster

Kitchen & Wet Room Floor Level

The kitchen floor was all dug out yesterday – it looks so different now that it is all one level. Can visualise how it will be a LOT better now!

Kitchen & shower room all one level

The one big window has been taken out and two new windows put in. The timber frame for the stud wall is in place too.

new windows

I spotted some wall tiles 1/2 price at Homebase and some floor tiles with 25% off at Wickes this weekend, which made them nearly 30% cheaper than the trade tiles at Selco, so popped out to get them today. Plain white polished satin tiles for the walls and matt beige for the floor of the wet room.

Then had to lug in the 250kg of tiles!

Wet Room tiles

Chasing out for cables & back boxes

I’m sinking the back boxes and chasing out for electrical cables in the kitchen, doing the “grunt work” as someone else said. Saving a bit of labour costs.

First attempt at this, managed to make the holes for 5 back boxes this evening and drill and screw 4 sockets into place.

First time sinking back boxes, not done any drilling in 2 or 3 years

First socket on the wall

socket two

Got four/five singles (depending on cooker hood) and one more double to do tomorrow morning.

Damp Proofing – Ridding Of the Rising Damp

The guy was here 9am til 1.30pm. Loud drilling non stop for the first 3 hours, then injecting with the chemical. Then he cleared up, he even cleaned up half the plaster that had been hacked off the night before that I hadn’t had a chance to move outside.

Marston Timber in Solihull. Good price, nice chap.

Damp Proofing in Stages

Chemical Injection

The walls can be plastered right away, though it’ll prob done be in about a week’s time.