Kitchen & Shower Room Floor Plan

Updated yet again. As I’m having floor dug out and redone, we can move the toilet (the pipe is cemented underground).

Longer Kitchen, Shorter Shower Room

This gives a longer kitchen, so I can use the full 4m worktop along the one side, rather than having to cut it short.

Plus the fridge is over the same side, so when the room steps in, there more space. As there is nothing against the wall next to the garden door, an extra window can be added to bring more light in.

The shower room is 43cm shorter, but the washing machine is now in the kitchen, so there is pretty much the same empty floor space, to get changed in etc.

Although the washing machine is now in the kitchen there is actually slightly more cupboard space than before. I also prefer to have the washing machine in the kitchen (it just didn’t make sense when we couldn’t move the toilet).

**At the mo I’m not 100% sure if the plumbing will work with the above, as the toilet & basin pipes are fairly far away from where they drain to, so here is another two options if plumbing is an issue:

Alternate Option 1

Alternate Option 2

Tweaked kitchen and shower room added on



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