Week 2 Update – Busy, Busy

It’s been a busy week.

  • Filming in Leatherhead Tues (6.5 hours of driving, yay… mileage money nearly paid for my ladder though).
  • Wed afternoon off work, spending 4 hours sanding lounge ceiling further and a couple hours steaming and scraping tile glue from the hall.
  • Band practice Thursday (no rest for my arms – I’m the drummer!)
  • Friday, put testers of paint onto wall (more info in colours post). Then a night out with friends… bed 4.30am, up again 8.30am. At Homebase 10am.
  • I’ve had three trips to Homebase and two trips to B&Q this weekend!

Saturday morning I washed off the dust from the sanding off the lounge ceiling. Ceiling doesn’t need proper washing, a damp cloth did the trick – still took over an hour.

Doesn’t look that great, but very smooth to touch

Sunday I also sanded the hall ceiling and later washed away the dust. There’s still some blobs of glue down the left hand side on the old plaster that wouldn’t budge. These need steaming and scraping again, my arms couldn’t take any more tonight!

Hall – nearly ready to wash


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