Kitchen Diner Lighting Ideas

The new bigger kitchen will be here soon – the end wall will be gone by the end of the week and that’ll help with ideas – it’s a bit difficult to visualise the space the extra 3 feet will give to the room. I know I want to create two different zones in the kitchen diner, by using different lighting. I just need to decide what.

Spots down the kitchen end could be the way to go, but at over 5 meters in length I’ll need a lot of them.

I’m thinking some sort of pendant (or 2 or 3) for over the dining table would work well, but a ceiling downlight or arm light are other options to think about.

Pendants over dining area

Spots in kitchen – frosted ceiling ring over table

Three pendants

Spots mixed with three pendants over island

Two pendants over table

Spots and 3 pendants over island/breakfast bar

kitchen spots and three arm ceiling light over table


Week 5 Update, better late than never.

Ok, so bedroom 2 is finished, except the skirtings, which are staying as they are for now – my lodger has now moved his belongings in.

Finished except skirting

The lounge has been filled and primed once (excluding chimney breast). It shouldn’t need skimming, apart from around 1 or 2 of the door frames. The chimney’s the worst, but I’ll paste up textured wallpaper here. The walls need filling and priming a couple of times more. And I need the rising damp rectified along one corner of the room.

The edge connecting the walls and ceiling is pretty bad, but I’ll be putting up coving and this will disguise it. There coving in the first reception room hasn’t been ripped out and that’s staying.

Lounge Montage

I have my sofa in now, makes it harder to work in there, but gives me somewhere to sit. Yes, I have a bit of time for relaxing now (until builders have been and gone).

Camping out – the lounge

My temporary kitchen means I’ve had some decent meals this week. It’s only really washing up that is an inconvenience (but isn’t it always… bring on dishwasher instalation!)

Temporary Kitchen

Camping Out… In My House

I fully moved into my house at the weekend. No internet access yet, hence the lack of blog updates.

Bedroom 2 is fully finished, photos to follow. My lodger moved in his belongings and has departed until I have hot water.

I have now have a sofa in my lounge and a washing machine in the corner of the room – need access to two of the walls for damp proofing, and need access to the other walls for preparing for decorating.

But for now I’m having a little break until some of the building work is done (well apart from stashing boxes out the way in the loft until after the full refurb, measuring up and working on interior designs).

Any offerings of a free hot shower much appreciated. Off to a friends Sat eve for a shower, night out and another shower in the morn, thanks Gemma!

Some sort of order

Today I’ve painted 2 coats on the window surround, 1 coat on the chimney breast in bedroom one. I’ve also steam cleaned the lounge carpet, ready to be laid into bedroom 2.

Chimney breast painted ‘English Fire’

Window surround painted

I’ve also washed 1/3 of the lounge and finished round 1 of filling. Victorian houses had the walls totally covered, so there were an awful lot of rawl plugs to remove and holes to fill, plus other grazed areas etc.

Lounge – Washed Wall

Lounge – Filled (Round 1)

Kitchen & Shower Room Floor Plan

Updated yet again. As I’m having floor dug out and redone, we can move the toilet (the pipe is cemented underground).

Longer Kitchen, Shorter Shower Room

This gives a longer kitchen, so I can use the full 4m worktop along the one side, rather than having to cut it short.

Plus the fridge is over the same side, so when the room steps in, there more space. As there is nothing against the wall next to the garden door, an extra window can be added to bring more light in.

The shower room is 43cm shorter, but the washing machine is now in the kitchen, so there is pretty much the same empty floor space, to get changed in etc.

Although the washing machine is now in the kitchen there is actually slightly more cupboard space than before. I also prefer to have the washing machine in the kitchen (it just didn’t make sense when we couldn’t move the toilet).

**At the mo I’m not 100% sure if the plumbing will work with the above, as the toilet & basin pipes are fairly far away from where they drain to, so here is another two options if plumbing is an issue:

Alternate Option 1

Alternate Option 2

Tweaked kitchen and shower room added on


One Month Later…

Well, it’s a month today since I picked up the keys. The house looks totally different but still lots to do. This is what has been done so far:

  • stripped wallpaper from lounge, kitchen, hallway and bedroom 2
  • removed ceiling tiles from lounge, kitchen and hallway
  • scraped, chipped and steamed tile glue from lounge and hallway ceiling
  • sanded lounge & hallway ceilings
  • knocked off plaster from kitchen ceiling
  • taken down all sliding doors downstairs
  • washed hallway
  • washed, prepared and painted bedroom 2 walls (except chimney breast and window surround)
  • painted bedroom 2 ceiling
  • filled bedroom 2 door and painted it
  • sanded, primed and painted wardrobe
  • started washing lounge
  • plus moved 1/4 of belongings over from rented house

Not bad, considering I’ve only had evenings and weekends to work on the house and some evenings I’ve worked late and had other commitments.

Week 4 Update

Well bedroom 2 had my attention this week and it’s almost finished. It’s all painted apart from the chimney and window surround, these will be done Tues. Then it’s time to give the lounge carpet a thorough steam clean and lay this in the bedroom.

black satin door

Black Wardrobe

Progress in pictures…

Bedroom 2 progress

There’s now one week before I need to be fully moved in. I have a couple of days booked off work. As well as finishing off bedroom 2 I’ll wash the living room walls this week too. Then it’s waiting for the rising damp to be sorted before painting the walls.

I’m also seriously thinking about skimming the hall walls. I spent hours washing the walls, but there are some four parts of the wall where two doors used to be that will never look good unless skimmed and the walls are pretty bad generally… so realistically it makes sense re-skimming. So stopped work on the hall for now.

Week 3 Update (What a week!)

A long hard week. I’m ill too, so had a bit of an easier work, so had to work hard this weekend. I worked around 32 hours from Fri eve til Sun. Bed time after this is published! zzzzzzzzzz

Me and Dad

Me and Dad got the old plaster off the kitchen ceiling, it needs boarding and skimming, and the plaster was lose so was best to knock it off, rather than have excess weight on the boards – especially because my drum kit will be on the floor above and that causes a lot of floor vibrations! (even though its only an electric one)

Kitchen – back to laths

The plaster came away pretty easily… half of the ceiling was boarded though, so that took a bit longer (Dad did that – he did most of the ceiling to be fair). When the new kitchen goes in, the hob will be on the party wall, but we’ll feed a pipe along the ceiling before its boarded, so the fan can extract properly, rather than just circulate.

Ceiling plaster, rubble… and a dirty dog!

Finlay loves to be where the action is, hence dust, plaster and paint on him!

Kitchen Progress – updated

Dad fitted the door to the 2nd bedroom. Needs sanding down and filling in, painting and a handle adding etc. There was a sliding door here 2 weeks ago. This nice Victorian door was the sliding door on the bottom of the stairs, but with an ugly panel stuck onto the front of it.

Bedroom 2 – has a door

I was going to leave the wallpaper on this room for now, as my lodger is moving in 2 weeks today. Hence why I had painted the ceiling and then put a coat of grey onto the walls. The grey came out bad – a real blue tinge to it when it had dried. I’m going to take the paint back to the shop.

I suddenly thought, sod it – I’m going to repaint anyway, so I’m stripping the paper… I knew I’d have to work hard and fast… in one (long late evening) and this weekend I’ve stripped the wall paper, filled the walls, sanded the walls, filled again, sanded again and then washed and primed virtually all of the room. Thanks to Le (sister in-law) for helping with the washing and Matt (bro) for priming. Dad filled in the big holes. Need to fill and sand again, then prime and see if I need to fill and sand yet again.

Bedroom 2 Progress

Eventually, I will be painting the walls Magnolia and the chimney breast English Fire red (Paul’s request for a bit of red). The walls will be finished in here within 2 weeks, as I say my lodger will be moving in, so I’m on a deadline. All’s good, in love and war. My right wrist and elbow silently disagree.

English Fire Paint

Throughout the week I washed the hallway. It took around 10 hours to get the walls washed. The paint was so patchy I had to take it back to the plaster.

Hallway washed

Over the weekend, whilst waiting for filler to dry in Bedroom 2 and waiting for the takeaway Pizza I filled some holes in the hall. Mum filled some more Sunday and did some sanding. Still has some more to fill. Due to the bad walls it will be another sand, fill, sand, prime / sand again, fill again, sand, prime / sand again, fill again, sand, prime job! Will then be painting the walls Magnolia.

Hall partly filled

We turned the front reception room into a proper little temporary kitchen. The only thing missing from the table is the Toaster Oven (blue Argos box), which we tested cooking some pizzas, garlic bread and chicken slices. It’s pretty small, but fits in a small pizza etc and cooks pretty quick. The only pain is not having a sink, but got fridge-freezer, mini oven, grill, toaster and kettle, and will move my microwave in – so got everything we need.

Temporary kitchen for the next 7 weeks or so

Prob the dirtiest I’ve been yet…

To Do List for Week 4:

  1. Submit Building Regs forms & sort start date for builder
  2. Structural Engineer booked in to calculate size of RSJ
  3. Band practice, didn’t manage to make it last week (need to rest arms a bit night before!)
  4. Finish washing & priming bedroom 2 walls (prob only 1/8th left)
  5. Fill, sand and prime all bedroom 2 walls again (x 2)
  6. Move a 1/2 my bedroom stuff from rented house across
  7. Patch up bedroom door
  8. Undercoat to bedroom door (bedroom side)
  9. Fill, sand and prime hall

Bedtime now, night x