Sanding the bleeding ceiling…

Ok, so you know how I said I had to get the tile glue off the ceiling. This is not a fun job! It takes ages and you’re working against gravity so it REALLY hurts!

I bought a sander, I’ve spent around 6 hours working half upside down this weekend and my wrists and neck is complaining. Couldn’t finish the lounge ceiling off today, hands couldn’t hack it. Gave them a rest and went to scraping the hallway instead.

Keep Smiling…

After struggling on one patch of ceiling for around 2 hours yesterday, I seriously thought about paying to get the whole ceiling re-skimmed. After a bit of pondering and laying on the floor staring upwards, I realised the ceiling had a different finish over 4/5s of it, so I had a go at this area, luckily the glue was coming off a lot easier. I got the knack to it – slice under the edge with the scraper and then peel the glue blob off by hand.

The sander’s not heavy until you’re working against gravity

I then sanded most of that patch of the ceiling, a slow painful job, but it looks so much better. I still need to tackle the nasty, horrible patch… that is going to be a complete pain!! But, on the plus side I’ve saved myself £100+ that the skimming would have cost (I need the sander for other jobs).

Nice hair! (I bought a face mask soon after this!!)

It’s a ceiling, so it doesn’t need to be perfect, but I need to go over some of it with the sander again. It feels pretty smooth though, so it’ll look a lot better when painted.

I’ll then be ready to ‘wash’ this room. Preparing this room for painting will take a while as there’s lots of rawl plugs, holes etc! (Bleeding Victorians lol).


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