Lounge Progress – Stripping Walls, Original Floorboards

Nothing better than getting stuck in on your first house refurb šŸ™‚

The paper was coming off quite well with the steamer, but the ceilings are so high it takes a long time. The polystyrene tiles (ugly things!!) came off quite easily but the glue wouldn’t budge… that’s a challenge for the weekend coming.

Stripping paper, removing polystyrene tiles

Lots of blobs of glue from tiles…. doh. Going to be hard to remove and get smooth

Fortunately found some lovely floorboards hidden under the carpet. There are some gaps in between, but nothing that can’t be sorted after they have been sanded. This house is going to have so much character when finished!

Original floorboards will look great when sanded and stained, prob dark

Dirty and Tired…

This is me, btw. I’m Shell, aged 26. Live in Birmingham. Video editor and rock/metal drummer, hello world.

Until Death Calls – my band name scrawled across my lounge LOL

Feel free to ask me any questions. This is the first house I’ve ever owned and I’m sure going to learn a lot through the refurb.

Finlay is giving me a clean… LOL



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