Kitchen progress – Stripping Back To It’s Shell (Says Shell)

Kitchen gets ripped apart

So, we ripped out the units. Leaving the sink for now. Took out the school/office style suspended ceiling and found more polystyrene tiles! These came down too. The tile glue came off more easily than in the lounge… but looks like we’re going to be boarding the ceiling and getting that skimmed at a later date.

Stripped off the wallpaper – can you see how thick the top layer is!? Once that was off the rest came off quite easily with the steamer… well apart from on the wall joining the living room – that was tough. Probably because it’s the only dry wall in the kitchen!

Quarry Tiles

Dad stripping back to Quarry Tiles, so new flooring with Damp Proof Membrane can be laid

The floor is quarry tiles so no waterproof membrane, so a new floor will be laid on top of this. Far cheaper and quicker than digging the whole floor up, and the tiles are still stuck solid, so it will work just fine. The rising damp will be sorted and the whole room will be re-plastered but not before the new pipes for the new boiler and rads are in and the new electrics (ovens have to be on separate circuit and there’s only 2 sockets in the kitchen!). Oh yeah, and the wall at the end needs to be removed first, making a HUGE kitchen diner 🙂


4 thoughts on “Kitchen progress – Stripping Back To It’s Shell (Says Shell)

  1. Hi Shell, got the link to your blog from MSE. You have done an incredible lot in less than a week!! Wanted to ask, where you’ve stripped back to the quarry tiles what type of flooring are you putting over it?? Our kitchen is a complete gutted shell and back to the quarry tiles too so we’re getting the floor done soon. Corinna, Surrey

    • Hi Corinna, I am giving notice on my rented house today which I share with a friend who will be my lodger, so need to move fast lol 🙂 Before I bought the house I had a damp survey and they priced up to dig up the floor, add damp proof membrane, relay floor and level it too. When I had two more people around to quote they said the tiles were ok to lay the new floor on top, which will raise it by about 1 inch, but is about 40% cheaper! There will be a chemical DPM damp proof membrance applied, then they will lay levelling compound with a smooth concrete finish. I’ll be laying the floor tiles on top of this. (same tiles going throughout kitchen and shower room, which is on the end of the kitchen)

  2. It sounds like exactly the same as we’re having which was recommended by a specialist independent surveyor- levelling with concrete, then a chemical application of something to prevent damp and then ceramic tiles. Our surveyor said that for the areas we are going to put wooden flooring on (the dining room, a later project!!) you can use a physical membrane which is like a sheet and works a bit better than the chemical. I’ll get a photo to you of our kitchen but it looks very similar to your house right now, we’ve been without a kitchen for a month and it will be like that for at least another month!!

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