Getting the keys – First Time Buyer

Well, it took it’s time as the conveyancing process always does, but I picked up the keys to my first home Friday 15th June 2012 at 4.30pm. I went straight around to the house and explored. I spent the next 40 mins filming the house, so I can later edit a before and after video.

Then I started taking kitchen shelving down, awaiting my parents arrival with their collection of tools (they live 120 miles away). This is the first time they’d seen the house, so I gave them a tour. I then started stripping wallpaper in the living room. Finding there was at least 5 layers of paper on the walls! It looks like the original paint was an orange/peach colour with a blue border. Pulling houses apart is pretty interesting!

Here are pics as the house was on Day 1 (minus furniture except fridge freezer, dining table and bed in master bedroom)

Kitchen on Day 1

Lounge on Day 1 (minus furniture)

First Reception Room on Day 1

Master Bedroom on Day 1

Bedroom 2 (minus bed)

Bedroom 3 with bathroom off of it – Day 1 (minus furniture)

Saturday was spent with my dad taking kitchen units out, me taking polystryne tiles off the living room and kitchen ceiling and starting to strip the paper in kitchen. I also had 3 trades people around quoting for replacing the boiler and pipework and damp proofing. Sunday, we went at set up a trade account at Selco, got price lists and bought some bits and bobs. We carried on working until the evening, when my parents set off home.

I now have a week to get on with as much as I can, and they’ll be up again the following weekend, so we can design the kitchen layout… and figure out how to get the tile glue off of the ceiling!


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