New Kitchen Floor Plan

Measured up properly at last. Not 100% to scale, but 90% – will tweak it.

The faint line on the 2D floor plan is where the wall currently is.

Basic 2D Floor Plan

3D Floor Plan

  • The door to the left goes through to the lounge. I will most likely remove the door and the frame, adding more light to lounge.
  • The door bottom right corner goes through to the shower room with toilet, washing machine may go in there too
  • The door top goes to the garden

UPDATE – first idea (work in progress)

Layout Idea

Kitchen Design 1

Kitchen Design 1


Sanding the bleeding ceiling…

Ok, so you know how I said I had to get the tile glue off the ceiling. This is not a fun job! It takes ages and you’re working against gravity so it REALLY hurts!

I bought a sander, I’ve spent around 6 hours working half upside down this weekend and my wrists and neck is complaining. Couldn’t finish the lounge ceiling off today, hands couldn’t hack it. Gave them a rest and went to scraping the hallway instead.

Keep Smiling…

After struggling on one patch of ceiling for around 2 hours yesterday, I seriously thought about paying to get the whole ceiling re-skimmed. After a bit of pondering and laying on the floor staring upwards, I realised the ceiling had a different finish over 4/5s of it, so I had a go at this area, luckily the glue was coming off a lot easier. I got the knack to it – slice under the edge with the scraper and then peel the glue blob off by hand.

The sander’s not heavy until you’re working against gravity

I then sanded most of that patch of the ceiling, a slow painful job, but it looks so much better. I still need to tackle the nasty, horrible patch… that is going to be a complete pain!! But, on the plus side I’ve saved myself £100+ that the skimming would have cost (I need the sander for other jobs).

Nice hair! (I bought a face mask soon after this!!)

It’s a ceiling, so it doesn’t need to be perfect, but I need to go over some of it with the sander again. It feels pretty smooth though, so it’ll look a lot better when painted.

I’ll then be ready to ‘wash’ this room. Preparing this room for painting will take a while as there’s lots of rawl plugs, holes etc! (Bleeding Victorians lol).

Bargain Buying – Furniture, Doors etc

I’m setting a challange of doing up the house for as cheap as poss.

  • One – it keeps costs down and maximises profit when I come to sell (maybe 2 yrs, to then buy another old and/or neglected house to do up)
  • Two – it proves to people that you don’t need to spend a fortune for something to look fab.

Good condition toilet, freecycle. Cost new = £80+. SAVING = £80


Toilet and Basin. Donated by my Builder! Wasn’t going to change the toilet, but might as well if he’s supplying and fitting it for free. Cost new basin = £50+. SAVING = £50+

Good condition Electric Oven, eBay £56. Cost new = £140. SAVING = £84

Electric Oven

Good condition Dishwasher in metallic grey, eBay £67. Cost new = £200. SAVING = £133


Newly acquired Belfast sink. eBay £41. Needs a good clean, but no cracks or scratches. Cost new = £120. SAVING = £79

Belfast sink

Victorian-esque wooden table with 6 chairs found through Freecycle, collected Saturday. You guessed it… for free. Forgot to take photos of this, so here is the photo the lady sent me. One of the chairs a piece from the back missing and table has some marks on it, but can refurb. I love the chairs, they’re quite Neo Gothic. Cost new = £300+. SAVING = £300+

When refurbished will look lovely

I have just bought 6 Victorian doors from eBay. They are varying sizes, so I’m guessing that only 3 will be useable. But I paid £31.99 (approx £34.50 with petrol) and aim to sell the ones I don’t need even if only for £5. New doors in my Victorian house wouldn’t have looked right. Cost new = £60 (3 doors). SAVING = £25.50

Victorian style doors bought from eBay

Inspiring Ideas – Imaginative Interior Design

I’m going to reinstate the Victorian feel to my 1900 Victorian house. It’s pretty exciting, it’s going to look stunning when it’s done and have so much character!

There’s so many different things I could do and I will be adding different inspiring photos to this page as a reference for myself and my parents (who live down the other end of the country and are helping me with this project).

Dado Colours

Dado Colours

Using Dado Rail

Ceiling Rose

Living Room Lighting

Living Room Lighting

kitchen colours – greens

kitchen colours – greens

Would love a Belfast sink like this, with front panel revealed. Depends on costs.

Too white for my liking, but I love the old style cupboard on the left. Also love the work top on the left.

I really like this idea, but I don’t think I’ll be able to incorporate it.. not in the kitchen anyway.

LOVE the coffee table 3rd row down, 1st column

Lounge Progress – Stripping Walls, Original Floorboards

Nothing better than getting stuck in on your first house refurb 🙂

The paper was coming off quite well with the steamer, but the ceilings are so high it takes a long time. The polystyrene tiles (ugly things!!) came off quite easily but the glue wouldn’t budge… that’s a challenge for the weekend coming.

Stripping paper, removing polystyrene tiles

Lots of blobs of glue from tiles…. doh. Going to be hard to remove and get smooth

Fortunately found some lovely floorboards hidden under the carpet. There are some gaps in between, but nothing that can’t be sorted after they have been sanded. This house is going to have so much character when finished!

Original floorboards will look great when sanded and stained, prob dark

Dirty and Tired…

This is me, btw. I’m Shell, aged 26. Live in Birmingham. Video editor and rock/metal drummer, hello world.

Until Death Calls – my band name scrawled across my lounge LOL

Feel free to ask me any questions. This is the first house I’ve ever owned and I’m sure going to learn a lot through the refurb.

Finlay is giving me a clean… LOL


Kitchen progress – Stripping Back To It’s Shell (Says Shell)

Kitchen gets ripped apart

So, we ripped out the units. Leaving the sink for now. Took out the school/office style suspended ceiling and found more polystyrene tiles! These came down too. The tile glue came off more easily than in the lounge… but looks like we’re going to be boarding the ceiling and getting that skimmed at a later date.

Stripped off the wallpaper – can you see how thick the top layer is!? Once that was off the rest came off quite easily with the steamer… well apart from on the wall joining the living room – that was tough. Probably because it’s the only dry wall in the kitchen!

Quarry Tiles

Dad stripping back to Quarry Tiles, so new flooring with Damp Proof Membrane can be laid

The floor is quarry tiles so no waterproof membrane, so a new floor will be laid on top of this. Far cheaper and quicker than digging the whole floor up, and the tiles are still stuck solid, so it will work just fine. The rising damp will be sorted and the whole room will be re-plastered but not before the new pipes for the new boiler and rads are in and the new electrics (ovens have to be on separate circuit and there’s only 2 sockets in the kitchen!). Oh yeah, and the wall at the end needs to be removed first, making a HUGE kitchen diner 🙂

Getting the keys – First Time Buyer

Well, it took it’s time as the conveyancing process always does, but I picked up the keys to my first home Friday 15th June 2012 at 4.30pm. I went straight around to the house and explored. I spent the next 40 mins filming the house, so I can later edit a before and after video.

Then I started taking kitchen shelving down, awaiting my parents arrival with their collection of tools (they live 120 miles away). This is the first time they’d seen the house, so I gave them a tour. I then started stripping wallpaper in the living room. Finding there was at least 5 layers of paper on the walls! It looks like the original paint was an orange/peach colour with a blue border. Pulling houses apart is pretty interesting!

Here are pics as the house was on Day 1 (minus furniture except fridge freezer, dining table and bed in master bedroom)

Kitchen on Day 1

Lounge on Day 1 (minus furniture)

First Reception Room on Day 1

Master Bedroom on Day 1

Bedroom 2 (minus bed)

Bedroom 3 with bathroom off of it – Day 1 (minus furniture)

Saturday was spent with my dad taking kitchen units out, me taking polystryne tiles off the living room and kitchen ceiling and starting to strip the paper in kitchen. I also had 3 trades people around quoting for replacing the boiler and pipework and damp proofing. Sunday, we went at set up a trade account at Selco, got price lists and bought some bits and bobs. We carried on working until the evening, when my parents set off home.

I now have a week to get on with as much as I can, and they’ll be up again the following weekend, so we can design the kitchen layout… and figure out how to get the tile glue off of the ceiling!